Fresh Breath For Your Customers Means More Revenue For You.

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What is Fresh 2 Go?


Floss/Tooth Pick



How Does It Help You?

You may be thinking, “Nice product, but how do I make it work for me?” A simple, useful packet which will benefit anyone who breathes can be put to work in a lot of ways, but here are the main methods our customers have used to boost the bottom line.


Counter Service Point-of-Sale Display

Place our eye catching Convenient Fresh Breath Display Rack at your counter customers will spot a perfect add-on for their order. The price is right, the need is universal and your staff will need to do virtually no extra work to collect the additional revenue from sales. Perhaps best of all, they’ll still be using the product (and remembering you) long after they’ve moved onto their next meal.


Table Service Giveaway

It’s the little things that make that crucial difference that sets your establishment apart and keeps customers coming back regularly. Imagine the lasting impression you’ll make if you not only give your guests fresh breath after a fine meal, but do it by giving them a distinctive packet instead of a single mint. A little customer goodwill can go a long way, and when the goodwill starts from receiving something cool and memorable, it will go even further.


Table Service Point-of-Sale/Entry Area

Why not the best of both worlds? If you have customers waiting for seating, a Fresh2Go Convenient Fresh Breath Display Rack can have them spending money with you before they even get to their seat. If your eatery combines table service with a cashier station, a rack placed there will generate a regular, no-hassle revenue stream. In fact, some of our first customers had just this arrangement and had to restock frequently to meet the demand!


Putting An Ad In Their Pocket

For a minimal increase in per-unit cost, your Fresh2Go packets can bear a custom promotional mark, such as the ones seen in the video below. This not only gives an extra oomph to the customer goodwill you get from the giveaway or purchase opportunity, it’s a great spot to keep customer engagement rolling. What if the promo block itself is a coupon, or provides a website link they can download a coupon from? The possibilities are endless, but each one will be a way you can put more money in the revenue column at the end of each day.

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