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What is Fresh 2 Go?


Floss/Tooth Pick




  • Convenient all-in-one oral hygiene packet
  • Small & convenient
  • Oral hygiene throughout the day.
  • High quality products

How it’s Made

  • Packaged by Rolling Hills Progress Center
  • Employing people with disabilities

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Ready to Order?

Standard – 60¢ each

Standard packets contain a floss/tooth pick tool, gum and mints. The packs are proudly prepared in Lanark, Illinois from high quality hygiene products.Place an Order

Private label – starting at $95

Private labels allow you to provide Fresh2Go to customers while applying your own memorable branding. Perfect for giveaways or the finish of a great meal at a table service restaurant.Place an Order

Looking to order in bulk?

Retail Display

In point-of-sales displays, Fresh2Go's design allows you to display whatever you find most effective, whether it's our logo, your custom label...
...the clear backing which shows off the product...
...or both. And with a 15 cent per piece profit, you get an immediate revenue payoff along with customer goodwill.
Point of sale frame, angle from right